Right-Brain vs. Left-Brain Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs hold certain strengths and characteristics that help distinguish them from the masses. However, they aren’t necessarily born with these qualities as many develop these skills over time or are able to nourish them in particular environments.

An interesting question does seem to always arise when looking at entrepreneurs and how they came to be: are they right-brained or left-brained?

This question speaks to the idea that our brain is divided into two hemispheres and if one side is more dominant than the other, certain personality traits dominate as well. Before we jump into the question of being left-brained or right-brained, let’s look at entrepreneurs as a whole.

What is an Entrepreneur?

If we’re looking at the literal definition, an entrepreneur is defined as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so”. In other words, they are the person who has a new idea for a product or service, and then takes it from concept to market. They see the business idea from beginning to end, doing everything in their power to see that their idea comes to fruition.


They take on great risks in the hopes of achieving great rewards. Entrepreneurs are those who choose to be their own boss, manage their own time, work in an environment they’ve created, and have the ability to make decisions without having to answer to anyone else. It can be very rewarding but also very difficult at times. Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly unpredictable and this role does not come without its fair share of stress and anxiety. If you’ve ever experienced this or found yourself stuck in a rut, check out our blog about how to get out of a rut for some helpful tips!

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Because they typically persevere and continue to propel their business forward even in the face of failure, rejection or discouragement, entrepreneurs are considered the backbone of any economy (and rightly so!). They are the drivers of innovation and growth. They are the ones who create jobs, build companies, and invent new technologies. The entrepreneur is the one who makes sacrifices to start a business with an idea that is not guaranteed to succeed. They have a specific vision for a better future and take steps to bring that vision into reality.

Are you an entrepreneur or think you have what it takes to be one? Our blog about the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is a great read to see how many qualities you possess.

What Does Being “Right-Brained” Mean?

The right brain is deemed to be the creative side of the brain. This side has a lot to do with creativity, intuition, and emotion. Right-brained individuals are often seen to use the right side of their brain more and therefore, are considered more creative than their left-brained counterparts. If you are right-brained, you will likely rely heavily on intuition and emotions when making decisions.

The right side of our brain is also responsible for our imagination, intuition, and visual and spatial abilities. It is the seat of our preferences and tastes, which is why people with right-brained dominance are more likely to be drawn to abstract art, as well as other forms of media such as music. Those that fall into this category are not as logic-based and leave room for expression and deviation.

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What is a Right-Brained Entrepreneur?

A right-brained entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to come up with creative ideas flowing from a plethora of expressive avenues. Then, in turn, is able to plan and execute said ideas.

The key to being a successful right-brained entrepreneur is to have the ability to actually come up with the creative ideas. The right-brained entrepreneur is creative, intuitive, and empathic. They are often the type of person who is easily bored with repetitive tasks and therefore seeks to add personality to the mundane. They are also the type of person that can see opportunities where others may not.

The right-brained entrepreneur also has a high level of self-awareness, allowing them to understand and respect both their strengths and weaknesses. They know what they are good at and what they may need assistance with. The right-brained entrepreneur may also be highly attuned to other people, animals, nature, and the environment.

Interestingly, the right-brained entrepreneur can either be introverted or extroverted; however, in many cases they are both. Their extroverted side allows them to generate ideas for new products or services to offer while their introverted side allows them to take time for themselves to recharge their batteries when needed.

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Because right-brained entrepreneurs are people who like to rely on their intuition and creativity to find solutions to problems, they are commonly found in artists, musicians, or writers. Since emotions play a large role in right-brained individuals, it is also important to be aware of the downsides. Always acting on emotions or thinking with just your emotions can lead you down a path of confusion. We as humans are emotional beings by nature and regularly experience a variety of emotions. If your ideas and business ventures are solely based on your emotions, you will never stabilize.

By understanding you are more of a right-brained entrepreneur should help you use your emotional strengths without falling victim to moodiness or flighty feelings of excitement. Creativity is a huge positive to being right-brained but again, you must be aware of the pitfalls. By being creative, you may always want to have your hands in a million different ideas at once. Learning to channel your creativity into one idea, focusing on how you can grow and perfect your business can help you in the long run.

What is a Right-Brain Test?

To discover whether you are right-brained or left-brained, there are thousands of different tests you can take.

A right-brained test is a type of intelligence test that measures creativity and spatial intelligence. A right-brained test is often used by those who believe that the left side of the brain, which controls logical thinking, does not always provide the best answers to problems.

When a person takes a right-brained test, they are given a series of questions that measure their ability in two specific areas: creativity and spatial intelligence. Creativity is measured by asking how many different ways an individual can think of to use an object or problem-solve a situation. Spatial intelligence is measured by asking how well they can visualize objects in space or mentally rotate them.

Keep in mind that although these tests can offer perspective, It's really just for fun! Being deemed “right-brained” does not mean you are not logical or analytical.

What Does Being “Left-Brained” Mean?

The left side of the brain is considered the logical side. It is typically associated with logical thinking, language, mathematics, linear reasoning, and analysis. Individuals that are more left-brained focus on answering questions in a linear and rational way. It is easier for them to solve a problem once they understand it and can pinpoint a clear solution, compared to a right-brained individual who may explore multiple solutions and look at the problem from a variety of angles.

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A left-brained individual thrives in environments that clearly outline an issue at hand. It helps them zero in on what needs to be solved, thus helping them find a solution quickly. They appreciate logical analysis because it leaves less room for error and confusion. Left-brained individuals also excel in situations where a plan of action requires an intricate breakdown before execution. Mapping everything out before proceeding provides them with comfort and a sense of security.

People who have a dominate left-brain personality will be less inclined to act on gut feelings or emotions. They tend to rather trust what they can tangibly quantify and logically identify.

What is a Left-Brained Entrepreneur?

A left-brained entrepreneur is one who is extremely logical and able to break down a vision into a specific plan of action. They are able to create and execute their ideas. The left-brained entrepreneur knows how to manage multiple projects at once, while still being in tune with the bigger picture. They love seeing their idea come to fruition, so they are comfortable with designing, developing, and executing their business plan from start to finish. They are strategic thinkers, and they are typically good at math. They know how to take an idea and turn it into something tangible.

The left-brained entrepreneur also tends to be more of a detail-oriented person as they need to have a plan in place before they can execute anything. As stated, they are extremely analytical and logical. They are great at managing the business side of things and are able to manage the numbers. This is important in business because it helps to keep the business on track without too many distractions.

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Left-brained individuals are typically drawn to careers in math, science, and engineering. You may find them in a role that allows them to review numbers and exercise their logical analysis on a daily basis. Some examples of a left-brained individual can be seen in accountants, lawyers, architects, scientists, and engineers.

Just like right-brained entrepreneurs, left-brained entrepreneurs can also face hurdles. Since they are more focused on logic and reason, they may fail to nurture their creative and expressive side. By not doing so, they may miss out on wonderful ideas that are just waiting to be tapped into. Sometimes ideas may not make entire sense or calculations may predict a downward trajectory but in business, you just never know. Understanding that the unexpected can still happen no matter how much you plan for the opposite can help left-brained entrepreneurs loosen their grip and allow some things to just “be”.

What is a Left-Brain Test?

The left-brain test is a test that assesses how much someone relies on their left hemisphere for information processing. A left-brain test will analyze how a person uses their logic and analytical skills to solve problems.

Left-brain tests will commonly ask “this or that” questions to determine how you analyze a situation and make a decision based on the presented facts. Tests like these also highlight how you assess a scenario versus what will happen in the future by using your logical reasoning. Left-brained individuals always analyze their steps before acting and if something does not seem logical, they will not proceed.

There are many tests out there to test whether you are left-brained and will likely have a variety of test styles to choose from. As mentioned for the right-brain tests, left-brain tests are also just for fun! Someone who is left-brain dominant can still be creative, free-flowing, and artistic.

What is an Ambidextrous Entrepreneur?

There are some people who use both sides of their brains equally well and these people are called ambidextrous. An ambidextrous entrepreneur is an individual who has strengths attributed to both the left and right sides of their brain, thus propelling them to succeed in business using an array of qualities.  

Ambidextrous entrepreneurs have the ability to create and run a business in more than one industry. They can also easily switch between industries without any problem. This is likely because they are equally left and right-brained. Therefore, they’re able to use their logical and analytical strengths in one business industry and then seamlessly switch to using their creative side for a different industry.

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Similarly, they can also thrive within the same business industry because they can use their creativity and logic to address all the needs of their business. Ambidextrous entrepreneurs are considered to be somewhat of a new breed of entrepreneurs. In the past, it was believed that you had to be either left-brained or right-brained. Once that was determined, it was up to you to hone in on your skills and excel.

However, ambidextrous entrepreneurs are seen to have the best of both worlds. They can tap into their multiple strengths and use them when necessary. This is extremely helpful in the business world as an entrepreneur because you are both adaptable and analytical.

Is There a Test For Ambidextrous Entrepreneurs?

Since being considered an ambidextrous entrepreneur is seen as an individual who uses both sides of their brain equally, if you find yourself taking a right or left-brained test and scoring down the middle, you are probably an ambidextrous entrepreneur. If you thrive when logic and analysis is involved but can also use your creativity to create and nurture ideas, you may just be an ambidextrous entrepreneur!

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There are many strengths associated with being a right-brained, left-brained, or ambidextrous entrepreneur. Regardless of which category you think you fall into, what matters most is how you nurture your strengths. If you are determined to be an entrepreneur with a thriving business, you can be. Focus on what you do well, learn new things where you can, and keep pushing forward. Success could be right around the corner.

What kind of entrepreneur are you? Comment below!

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