100 Positive Affirmations for CEOs to Repeat Daily

by Oudraa S
Whether you’re the CEO of a company with 100s of employees or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, there will always be days when you’re just not feeling the greatest. Sometimes it’s hard to stay consistently motivated so it’s important to find ways that can help you out of a rut. Affirmations are an incredible way to uplift your spirit, motivate you, and remind you of your abilities.

More recently, the idea behind repeating daily affirmations has gained popularity amongst CEOs and entrepreneurs alike. Here are 100 daily affirmations every entrepreneur, boss, business-owner, and those in between should repeat to manifest the successful business they want!
Think Positive

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations refer to an action or process that confirms something. It also touches on the idea of having emotional support or encouragement surrounding a thought or action. It can be said that affirmations and the believed power surrounding them became more widely known and popularized with New Age ideologies surrounding the law of attraction and the power of manifestation.

It is believed that if you repeat certain phrases or mantras consistently, they will become true and start to manifest. For example, if you repeat that you are fit daily, this may motivate you to go to the gym daily and eat healthy. In turn, you’ll likely see the results of your hard work and become fit. The power of the mind is amazing, and you may be surprised to see how much your life can change by simply believing, affirming, and manifesting. 

How to Practice Affirmations

There are many ways to practice affirmations so it’s important to remember that you can customize and alter your methods as you go! The idea is to say a phrase in a repeated sequence. The frequency of the repetition is up to you (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc). However, most suggest that your affirmations will be most effective if you repeat it at least daily. That’s because the more you repeat something, the more your mind (especially your subconscious mind) and body will start to believe it and then manifest it.

When doing your affirmations, try to find an isolated area where you won’t be distracted. Some choose to do them right when they wake up, laying down and facing the ceiling. Others choose to do them in their mirror, in the shower, in a meditative state, or even outside before work. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and begin to say your affirmations. You can keep your eyes open or closed.

Remember to truly believe the words you are saying. Affirmations are all about raising your vibrations and putting positivity into your thoughts. Repeat your affirmations for however long you have decided to and then carry on with your day. Eventually this should become second nature and your affirmations will start to lift your mood when you’re feeling discouraged.

Wake Up Be Kind Kick Ass Repeat


100 Affirmations Every Successful CEO Should Repeat Daily

1. I am the CEO of my life

2. I am amazing

3. I am confident

4. I am creating a successful business

5. I deserve all the positive accomplishments I achieve

6. I have a healthy work-life balance

7. I am healthy and wealthy

8. My business is always thriving

9. Positive opportunities always find me

10. I have multiple streams of income

11. My wealth is always increasing

12. I love working with people

13. People love working with me

14. I am happy with my life

15. I am grateful for my life

16. There are no limits to what I can achieve

17. Money comes easily and freely to me

18. I am rich and taken care of

19. I can easily manifest an idea into reality

20. Failures will always help me grow positively

21. I am a strong communicator

22. I have what it takes to achieve my goals

23. I am focused and persistent

24. Ideas flow out of me

25. I am prepared to succeed

26. I am productive

27. I know how to network effectively

28. My presence is my power

29. My value is unparalleled

30. I can do anything

31. I celebrate my individuality

32. I am powerful and courageous

33. I am always qualified

34. I excel in all things I put my mind to

35. I am growing each day

36. My business is booming

37. I am destined for greatness

38. I am my best investment

39. I am accountable and dependable

40. I believe in myself and in my abilities

41. I am loved  

42. I make a difference

43. I am aligned with my purpose

44. I am calm and collected in the face of adversity

45. I am enough

46. I always attract success

47. My self-talk is loving and supportive

48. I have peace of mind

49. I always attract abundance

50. I am deserving of respect

51. In rejection, I am protected and redirected

52. I am on the path to financial freedom/I have financial freedom

53. There are no limits to what I can achieve

54. I execute my business plans with a clear vision

55. I am not my mistakes or failures

56. I enjoy what I do

57. I am proud of my journey

58. I have a growth mindset

59. I always put my best foot forward

60. I do not fear the unknown

61. I am the best at what I do

62. I trust my intuition

63. I will advocate for myself and my dreams

64. I am a great public speaker

65. I welcome improvement

66. I am in control of my thoughts and feelings

67. Anything is possible

68. What’s for me will always find me with positive intentions

69. I will not compare myself to others

70. I attract my ideal clients and customers

71. My income is constantly increasing

72. I have enough time in the day

73. I am resourceful

74. I am a critical thinker

75. I have time for myself and my business each day  

76. I am excited about my future

77. I am building generational wealth

78. Everything always works out for me

79. I repel negativity and doubt

80. The more I give, the more I receive

81. It is fun to make money

82. When one door closes, another one opens for me

83. I can do less and still attract more

84. My business is my dream job

85. I am disciplined

86. I am attracting million-dollar opportunities

87. I am better than I was yesterday

88. I am the creator of my own career

89. I will not give up

90. April [choose any month] will be my most successful month to date

91. 2022 [choose any year] will be the best year of my life

92. I started my business at the right time in my life

93. I know how to manage my time well

94. I can direct myself and a team effortlessly

95. I have flexible work hours

96. I am considered first for every opportunity

97. I make money in my sleep

98. I deserve to be happy

99. I am innovative

100. I am a successful entrepreneur

Use these affirmations regularly and watch how your life will change! Which affirmations are your favorite? Comment down below and show some love to your business!

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  • Thanks for this list. “I make money in my sleep” is my favorite. It’s all about the passive income for me. I claim it!!

  • Love these affirmations! They definitely motivate me to keep going. Thanks! xo


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